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Press: Food Truck Invasion

Food Truck Invasion

Top 100 Food Trucks Dominating the Food Scene in USA

February 2016

food truck invasion top 100 food trucks

food truck invasion top 100 food trucks badge

Congratulations to the following food trucks for achieving success in their mission of satiating people’s quest of flavors.

Instant, quick, on the run! Are some of the favorite words of the present generation. These words have more impact when they are associated with food. Yes, instant yet delicious food prepared in a short period of time and at an affordable rate is something that people crave. And food trucks have all of these features wrapped and ready for our enjoyment.

Nowadays, food trucks are present in each and every corner of the United States, offering creative and relishing food catering ideas. You never know which food truck is waiting for you with your favorite cuisine. Too many options leading to too much confusion, right? Here’s an exclusive list of the most popular food trucks around the USA. We scouted every nook and corner to bring you the best from the innumerable choices. After an exhaustive research from different sources, here’s a list of the top 100 food trucks in the USA. Time to curb those hunger pangs!

Top 100 Food Trucks You Have To Visit At least Once!


Sam's ChowderMobile truck

Sam’s Chowder Mobile: Fresh Sea food every time!

Their love for the environment and passion for food places them on our list.  The seafood they serve is caught or farmed in an environmentally sensitive manner, protecting the health and safety of our aquatic ecosystems.  The oil they use for cooking is converted into diesel and donated to worthy causes.


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These culinary gems are on a mission to forever change the way the world comprehends food by offering mouthwatering delicacies on the go. Be a part of the food extravaganza and discover amazing flavors by ticking these off your food bucket list one at a time.